Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 86 - General Conference Awesomeness

Dear Mary,

Conference was amazing!!! It was probably my most favorite weekend ever!! A few weeks ago, our mission president invited us to come up with 3-5 questions that we would like to have answered during conference, so I did! And I think that's why I had such a wonderful time at conference, because I was searching for specific answers and revelation! the questions that I got answers to that specifically wanted to share with you were "How can the hole in my heart be better filled?" and "how can I be happier after the death of a loved one?" These two questions are essentially one in the same, but you understand the difference, right? anyway, the answer to these questions came most powerfully in President Nelson's talk on Joy! I became so filled with happiness and joy as I listened to this talk! I did make notes on it, but I circled it on my notepad to let me know to print it off when I get the chance! Everything in that talk just helped me sooo much! He talked about how we can be happy under any circumstance, and that we can find joy as we look to Christ in all things! When he said that we can be FILLED with Joy, that sparked something in me that made me happier! And in the song "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" that the choir had sung, that gave me another perspective to look at as I push through these hard times, that I can stop for a moment and appreciate the world. I know I smile all the time, and everyone knows it, even in sad times, but this time smiling came from everything in me! I rediscovered how I can be really filled! Look to Christ in all you do, focus on the joy that you can gain, look for ways to make others happy, pause and look at the world around you and take the beauty of it all, and look for how to serve others! That's how you'll be filled! That's how I WILL be filled! I'm excited for this week as I apply what I learned during that wonderful talk! :)

A couple days ago I got sick, but I recovered by Conference! Our District Leader had come by that evening to give me some medicines that he had in his apartment, which was super kind of him! Him and his companion are super nice guys, and I'm excited to serve with them this transfer! :)

I have not gotten Keegan's artwork yet, but hopefully today!! I can't wait to see it! :D

We're hopefully gonna get a different car this week that has a bike rack, so that we can start using our bikes more effectively in our area!

Thank you for praying for me, I always feel the power of prayer working in my everyday life here :)

How is everything else at home? Are ya'll keeping up with family study and prayer, cleaning, and any other things? How's handling the bills and the grown up people stuff? haha

Write and email when you can, I love hearing from you guys!!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

PS We loved LEGOLAND so much, that we're gonna go again pretty soon haha maybe next week, or the one after!
PPS Next week, P-day will be on Tuesday, because of Columbus Day

PPPS Halloween is a full day P-DAY!!!! :D On Halloween, we have to go in at 6, because of the trick of treating and all, and this year it falls on a p-day, which typically ENDS at 6.... SO...P-DAY ALL DAY!!!! :D

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