Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 85 - Safety and Answered Prayers

Dear Mary,

This week wasn't too bad! There were a couple of moments that I needed some down time, so we drove down the beach and looked at the waves... THAT was relaxing!!

We were at the Crump's on one of the days that I was having a hard time, and Brother Crump said that a lot of the members there now really look up to me and are amazed by me! He said that they see me as the walking embodiment of the hope and certainty that we have in this gospel and in the plan of salvation, and that I'm still here sharing and testifying even more strongly of that truth. That really made me feel good! :) I just love that family!

Transfers are this week, and Elder Sedgwick and I are staying together again haha this will be the longest that I've ever been with a companion at once!! We were both really surprised about that! We're doing good though, I guess God needs us to do a little bit more together!

A way that God really guided us was last night. Later at night,  we were in part of our area that was known for it's gang activity. Normally, we're just fine being there, but that night, we both got a very strong impression to get out of there, so we did. We have no idea why, but we both knew that we had to. As we drove farther and farther, we felt safer and at peace. So I am very glad to have the spirit with me to guide, and that I can easily recognize those promptings. :)

Zombie NERF last week was SO MUCH FUN!! Everyone had a blast!! And this morning, we went on a hike, and then to breakfast after ward. Which was also super super fun!! :D

Hermana Mendez (Hermana young's trainee) is gonna train this transfer!! That seems to happen with her greenies haha and I'm always around for it! So I'm excited to see her grow as a missionary here! And I'll make sure to let her know that if she needs any help with anything in training or whatever, that we can help out. I am the old wise man after all :P

We're working with Lidia's family more and more lately! Her brothers stayed for our last lesson with her, and one of them got the answer to prayer that he needs to get baptized too! Now we're hoping the other brother gets an answer as well! We need to work with the parents more, to get them more excited about it all as well! They're not opposed to any of them getting baptized, they just haven't wanted it for themselves. So we're gonna work with them some more to help them to get baptized as a family :)

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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