Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 88 - Loving Service, Less-Actives, and Music

Dear Mary,

For now, I have to be somewhat brief. We're going to LegoLand at 10:15, which is an hour from now haha I might be able to get back on the computer later on, but I'm not sure... We'll see just how long we're at LegoLand today haha

On Thursday, we got to go give service for a few hours at a food donation place. It was lots of fun!! Especially with all the missionaries there! I got sunburnt on one side of my neck though, which I thought was strange, but also funny! I just love giving service!! It's the greatest thing to do, at least to me! I can definitely apply Mosiah 2:17 to that time and every time I serve!

A couple days ago, Elder Sedgwick got sick, so we had to stay inside pretty much all day! Luckily I was able to entertain myself! The family that we were gonna eat with that night sent some food over to us with the Hermanas (Both sets of missionaries eat there together every month), which we were so grateful for!

We had our district leader come over to give him a blessing, and then the Zone Leaders came over after to exchange with us briefly, so that I could go to Ward Correlation. I was with Elder Horton during that time, and he's a great guy! I've never actually exchanged with him before, so I got to find out more about him. We had a good time together!

I also got to perform some songs on the guitar for those elders that came over... I was pretty happy about that haha

I got the boxes and the Halloween card this morning, thank you so much! :) and thank you for transferring funds over! It's super helpful!

I got to exchange with Elder Kapp (Our District Leader) on Wednesday after Zone Training Meeting, and it was a good time! We found some Raccoons near the water drainage, and we decided to pull over and take pics of them haha and Elder Kapp took a selfie with them as well!

We had a fun time over all! We found a Less-Active family that Sedgwick and I couldn't find before, we found another Less-active that we hadn't seen in a while and talked with her about joy in the scriptures, and how it could help her, and also a less-active Marine paid for our dinner at taco bell! So it was a good night of reactivation efforts! :)

Write when you can, I love hearing from you! :)

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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