Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 83 - LegoLand and a Baptism

Dear Mary,

I'm so glad that ya'll had a great time at stake conference, and a great week! I absolutely love the analogy of the Star Trek crew and ward council!! That fits so perfectly!! XD

[Note: a brother at Stake Conference said that Captain Picard showed a perfect example of how a ward council ought to go. Whenever a tough decision arises, he calls the heads of the major organizations throughout the ship, asks their advice, listens, and makes the decision, then everyone gets up and goes to work.]

Now you know my pain of wisdom teeth!! Although, I don't think mine were all that bad...only one was kinda off, but it wasn't hard to get out at all! I remember I got one half done at a time, so it wasn't agonizing for me. But I'm glad that you got it done! :)

LEGOLAND was soooo much fun!!! :D Others have told me in the past that it wasn't that great, but we're lego people... so I had a blast!!! I even bought a little lego batman keychain. There was so many things to look at! It was very impressive to see all the amazing things that people built out of legos! I definitely want to take ya'll there after the mission!

A cool little thing to know about LEGOLAND is that if you bring a little figurine with you, you can trade with the workers for the figurines that they have! It was so fun!

My favorite ride was probably the Ninjago ride! You sit with 3D glasses on and as you go to different rooms, the screens come alive with lego Ninjago characters and you have to "fight" them. You just thrust your hands forward to shoot "lasers" at the bad guys...I loved it so stinkin much! I also won haha my score was 98,532... SO FUN!!!

Several days this week were kinda hard for me.... I'm not sure why this week of all weeks, but I missed Mom a lot! I was thinking about how we're gonna do Christmas, and would think about all the different things I was so excited to show her and tell her about after the mission, but now it'll have to wait a little longer.... I know that she's here, but it's different, ya know? We went over to the Crump's house last night, because I needed it pretty bad. They are always willing to listen to me and cheer me up when I need it. I felt better after that :)

We baptized Santiago on Saturday!!! :D Elder Sedgwick Baptized him, and I confirmed him. You could definitely feel the spirit there! It was another super awesome day! :) You should've seen it, Santiago was also wearing a little "future missionary" name tag on his suit. It was the cutest thing ever! At church the next day I also gave him a tie from my collection that I signed, so that he could remember me in the future, and wear it when he gets older :) His mom told us what a huge impact we've made on Santiago, and how much we really have helped him. I'm so glad that I get to be a part of helping these children of God to grow and to have goodness placed in their hearts :)

Please continue to write when you can, I love hearing how life is progressing back home!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[Prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures!!!]

Everything is awesome!!!

I was so excited when I found the Batman guy!!!

Elder Wockenfuss and Elder Sedgwick with Santiago,
a young man they helped prepare for baptism this weekend.

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