Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 68 - The New Hermana, a Chicken Coop, Spanish Conference and More!

Dear Mom,

Things are going well here in Vista! Hermana Hawkins is doing very well in her first week on the mission! Her Spanish is also really good for the beginning as well! Hermana Terron and Hermana Hawkins get along very well! They love each other, which is very good to see! :)

Last Tuesday, before transfers happened, our district went to go make a Chicken Coop for a potential investigator, and it was so much fun! (Note: see photos at bottom of post) It reminded me so much of scout projects and things that I'd go help Carl with. So it was a lovely time for me! Hermana Young knows a lot about Chickens, and Chicken Coops, so she had a huge part in constructing it! Since we both have dealt with things like that before, it reminded both of us of home haha Then we got Domino's Pizza from that family, and I was extremely happy! That also reminded me of home! haha

Also, this past week, we had Spanish Conference!!! :D It wasn't quite as extravagant as last time, but it was still fun! It's weird to think that Emerick and I are 2 of the oldest spanish missionaries! *GAG* THAT'S SO WEIRD!!!! I gave a discussion in the spanish conference about how spanish missionaries can baptize more, so I decided to talk about studying the language, living the culture, and being diligent! It went pretty well I thought. I got a lot of participation! We didn't have mission wide exchanges this time, but maybe for the one in October :)

We went to Escondido this past Sunday so that I could confirm Johnathon, and there were such memories there! I saw so many members that I loved being around! Many of them remembered me, and were so happy that I was back! But I told them that I was only there for that day, and they said "O...well hopefully you'll serve here again real soon!" So that made me happy that they still remember me and want me back!

I learned recently that it's not just December 21st that's the "black out" day, but that no missionaries will be going anywhere from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, because of the crazy holiday traffic, and because of the recent attack in Belgium, they're wanting to keep missionaries safe. So I'll either be coming home November 8, or in January, but I don't know how true any of this is, but we'll find out. If that is true, I'm going to try to come home in November to start getting things ready for the next chapter of our lives.

I agree with you that the reason for leaving Arkansas is for personal growth, but not by leaving the family. If God wants all of us to move, that's the way it'll be. In the hispanic culture, it is extremely common that the whole family either lives together, or at least very close to each other, and if one moves, the rest go with them. I feel like there will be changes in our lives when I return. Most especially para mi, because I've learned from Arkansas all that I've needed to. I've been taught by the good men in Morrilton, I got my Eagle Scout, and my high school education in an environment that was conducive to the spirit (Home/Toadsuck), you taught me how to be respectful to everyone, I got my first job from a member, I learned from Dad(Carl) how to work hard and to do a good job at it, and I believe that I've learned everything that I could up to this point. So now it's time to move on to the next part of my life, new experiences, new people that can help me, and that I can help, and learn what's next for me.

It's kinda interesting, when I think of Arkansas and staying there, I think of the Hotel California song (the part that talks about when you go in, you'll never leave), or in the Percy Jackson movie in the Lotus Casino, when they lost so much time in there and didn't even realize it. I don't think that Arkansas is a bad place, God is just telling me that my time is just finished there. Arkansas will always be my home, a place where I know that I can always return and be around those that have been a huge part of my life. But right now, it's time to say "See ya later, alligator."

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

Elder W. and Elder E. - the (Mor)Men in Black

Spanish Conference - the nice photo. Elder Wockenfuss is in the back row, fourth from left.

Spanish Conference- the silly photo

Elder Wockenfuss' district helping to build a chicken coop last week before transfers.

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