Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 65 - Mother's Day Skype, The Whiplash Incident, a Baptism, and a New Homecoming Date

Skyping with Patrick on Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

Somehow we we've gotten away with 2 1/2 hours of skyping. I don't know how, but we have! haha the way I see it, this is only twice a year, and yesterday was my very last one. What're they gonna do? tell me I can't Skype my family again? :P well, I don't have any more "phone a friend" selections left haha :P

Thank you for sharing with me what you've learned from President Eyring's talk of the Women's Conference! It's always something good to think about! :)

Walmart shirts are just fine to me! They're gonna be brown by the end of the mission anyways! I don't need to spend a lot of money only to make something gross haha

So as to what happened to my neck the other day... It was Friday evening, at the Foothill building. We were waiting for the Mother's Day dinner to start, as Elder Clark and Sedgewick walk in the door. Since I was companions with Elder Clark before, I was excited to see him again! And since we are basically best friends, that also means we are pretty stupid around each other. I gave Elder Clark a big hug as we were walking... and spinning around.... 

As my feet drug limply around the floor, I accidentally tripped him... let's put it this way... Have you ever had a 300 pound black man fall on you before?... You don't want to... it's not fun! But it certainly adds flavor to life haha Now I suffer from a little bit of whiplash, and can't run for a week, I have to use a smaller bag for proselyting for a bit, and I don't go back to riding my bike until tomorrow. But I'm just fine! Don't worry about me! I'll be back to normal -well, as normal as I can be- pretty soon! To quote the Joker: "I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you.... stranger." haha :P

I'm pretty sure I talked to ya'll about pretty much everything else that's happened in life recently, so I can't think of anything to say really. Sorry about that!

O wait! I remember something exciting! The son of my recent convert in Escondido is getting baptized on the 22nd!! :D And I've been invited to come back to see it!! :D I was so stinkin excited to hear that news! I literally jumped for joy haha

O and btw, I'll actually be coming home either a week before December 21, or a transfer before. It depends on what the new mission president wants to do. The First Presidency has apparently announced that no missionaries will be going to or from their missions on December 21, because of the crazy holiday season traffic, and hustle and bustle. SO we'll see what happens! I'll let you know when I find out!

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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