Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 66 - Exchanges, Investigators, Car Issues, and Counting Tiles

Dear Mom,

So we've had some experiences this week! haha So we had 2 exchanges this week! One on Tuesday with the Fallbrook Spanish Elders. Elder Clark came with me in my area. and then on Thursday I went to the Zone Leaders area with Elder Wight. I had a wonderful time with Elder Clark, of course! haha When I went with Elder Wight, we had a good day! First, we taught this agnostic guy who agreed to take the lessons because his friend is a member. He had several questions that I don't normally deal with.  I've never taught a lesson like that before, I only have to deal with Catholic people!

but later that day, we taught a lesson to some not very elect people, but after we walked out, we ran into a member that lived across the street, whose wife 30 seconds earlier, said that she wanted a blessing. So we went over there and gave her a blessing. It was so awesome! :D

We taught our investigator Alan this past Friday, and he told us that was in chapter 10 in the Book of Mormon. We were thinking that he meant 1 Nephi 10, but then he opened to the middle of the book.
"What page are you on?"
We open to that page, and he was in ALMA chapter 10! We gave him that Book of Mormon a week ago, and he's read a lot! At first we didn't believe him, but then the spirit testified to us that he read that much! And he prayed about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith being a prophet, and he told us that God told him that it's all true!
We are so excited for him!

On Saturday, we went down to Escondido to get our car taken care of. We thought it needed new brakes, but it only needed an oil change and a tune up. But we were there for 3 hours!!! There were apparently pretty busy, and we kept thinking that they were gonna work on our car any second, but the seconds turned to minute which turned to hours. There were 14 windows, 12 medium ceiling tiles, 11 long ceiling tiles, 3 half size tiles, 3 sprinklers, 256 floor tiles, 22 tires, and 8 chairs. Needless to say, I was SO BORED! I'm pretty sure that's what Outer Darkness is gonna feel like for Satan and his cronies haha We went to Panda Express for lunch after that, we needed it haha

So we had an investigator come to church yesterday! But he left during the third hour, and we were looking everywhere for him, and one member finally found him walking on the road, and so took him home. He called the hermanas after he got home, and during their conversation, we all realized that he is legitimately crazy. Not like, maybe he's got a screw loose up in the noggin, but like he has one loose screw holding everything together... by a thread. So we're aren't teaching him anymore. plus, he said he doesn't want any missionaries to come unless it's the hermanas, which is not going to happen.

But in other wonderful news, Yolanda, my recent convert from Escondido, is asking me to come back and baptize her son Johnathon this Sunday!! :D I was so happy, excited, and humbled, that she asked me to baptize Johnathon. So next P-day, I'll send you pics!! :D

How's your week been? Anything exciting happen?

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

PS I haven't gotten the packages yet, they're at the Bobier building right now, I'll get them in a few hours when we're over there :)

PPS Tell Buddy and Mary I might not say as much in the emails today, I just got a phone call from a mexican guy who said that english missionaries wrecked into his car 5 days ago, and I was trying to figure out what to say or do, so I was making other calls to our Vehicle Coordinator, and others. So I've been a little stressed and out of energy right now. I don't understand car wreck terms very well. But I'm okay :)

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