Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 69 in the Carlsbad California Mission

Dear Mom,

I have sunblock in the apartment, I will be fine! haha

Tell Katie Happy Birthday for me!! :D

Yeah, in our district Elder Emerick and I are the oldest missionaries, such a weird feeling! And then it's weird that we have about 6 months left!

I'm so excited for Henry!! When I first opened the email, I so was surprised! Like I exclaimed my surprise out loud haha When did he first start investigating the church?? Tell him HI for me!

I AM GETTING A HAIRCUT TODAY!!! :D You don't know how excited I am for this!! I really really really need a haircut!! I've been needing to get one for like 3 weeks, but I haven't had time or money to do it! But now I do! :D

I loved the package from last week! I had been wanting to ask you to send some tan slacks out to me, because I cannot find anything out here! So thank you so much for that! As for a straw fedora, I probably won't get one, sorry. I feel like I would look ridiculous with it, and then people would confuse us with Jehovah's Witness's even more haha plus, right now in our mission we still can't wear sunglasses outside the car or the straw hats, but once the new mission president comes in, he'll address it, and we'll go from there! :) But thank you so much for preparing me for it!

O BTW, could you tell AJ Gregory that the Bernal family in Vista say Hi? They talked about him the other day at dinner. They mentioned Elder Gregory from Arkansas, and my ears immediately pricked up. We were all tickled that we had a common connection! :D

Also, My Recent Convert in Escondido is trying to prepare for the temple, but she's having problems with a certain member of the ward who she says is hypocritical. Do you have any wise words to help her let go of this issue, or anything related to it? 

Please write and email when you can, I love seeing and reading the emails!

Hogs & Quiches!

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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