Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 7 in the California Carlsbad Mission

My Dear Family,
I'm glad that you enjoyed spring break! Spring break for the high school students starts this week I believe, so hopefully we can some of the youth to come out teaching with us!
That's so awesome about what you all did before the broadcast! It sounds like it would've been amazing to see!
I am starting today (I guess you could call it a Spring Time Resolution haha) to really really live within my budget and keep track of every purchase I make! So that way I don't spend all my money and wonder where it all went haha
The only oil that I can think of is a big bottle of Lemon oil if possible, it makes cleaning done really well! I think I could use some serenity oil as well, please and thank you! I did buy a toothbrush 2 weeks ago actually! So i'm on top of the game with that! :D
We absolutely LOVED the bubble wrap ties!!! (It arrived a couple weeks ago) Before I opened it, I was so confused as to what it could be, because it was so light. But once I opened it and realized what it was, Elder Garcia and I laughed so hard!! it was probably the best part about our day! We wore them in the car up until dinner time, then we put our regular ties back on haha
And we LOVE the Names of Christ flip books! They are so awesome!! I've started using it in personal study and it is awesome getting to know the names of Christ, and how it builds my relationship with the Savior! Elder Garcia sends a BIG Thank you for the flip book and especially for the Toadsuck shirt. He loves it to death!! haha
I can't wait to read Buddy's talk!! From the sound of it (like always) it's gonna be amazing!!
Spanish is still pretty hard for me! but little by little, everyday it gets slightly better. I just need to keep practicing!
No bike stories for this week, but I do love the bike seat I got! it makes biking so much better!
Elder Garcia and I were asked to give a lesson in spanish on the restoration for a baptism that happened yesterday, and after forever of me freaking out and messing up and practicing over and over again to get it right in spanish, I was ready to it.... and at the last minute we were asked to give it in english, because there was no native spanish speakers in the room, only english....Dang it! I did get to bear testimony in spanish at the end though, which was good haha I would've liked to have done it all in spanish, but maybe next time haha I almost didn't know the First Vision in english, because I've been memorizing it in spanish! but I was able to get it out in english! :)
I'm definitely looking forward to the April Tie :D I can't wait!!
I love you all so much! Please continue to write and email when you can!
With much love,
Elder Patrick Wockenfuss
P.S.  Mary told me of how you guys sang the rendition I told you about in FHE that night. I'm glad that you all loved it and felt the spirit! It definitely touched my heart and I felt the spirit very strongly.

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