Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 3 - A New Investigator and a New Bike

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for writing! I really do love reading about the things that are going on in your lives! And I totally would love letters! I feel like I would have more time to absorb the things you write me that way haha

Funny story about the package/another bike story (it's a good one this time)! On Friday, we had to go to the Mission Office so that I could buy a bike from another missionary that either has gone home or doesn't use it anymore. I ran into this Elder that had recently become a Zone Leader somewhere in the mission, and I told him about how I needed to get a bike. As a Zone Leader, you don't use bikes at all, so this elder told me that I could have his bike for free! So that was an amazing miracle this week! I got a good bike for free! Yes, the brakes work haha. And since we were at the mission office, our Zone Leaders gave us the mail to distribute around (we just had to give it to the district leaders), but the package you sent with shoes hadn't arrived yet I suppose. But about 5 minutes after we left, the mission office called and said that a package had arrived for me, and I assumed that it was either Shoes, or it was Girl Scout Cookies. Either one I would've loved! But we were all so super hungry because we hadn't eaten yet that day (it was like 2:30), so we went to go eat instead of turning around to get the package. I kinda feel dumb for not turning around to get it, since we were so close. But I'll see if the Zone Leaders can go get it sometime soon.

We picked up a new investigator this week named Tommy. He's a really cool guy that wants a positive change in his life, and wants to rely more on God, and become a better person. He seems like he will be very receptive. So pretty soon you'll be hearing about his baptism! We're going to commit him to baptism in our next visit this week! So excited!!

The Spanish is still a struggle, but some missionaries in my district are trying to help me learn better.

The Concerta is still doing pretty well I think, I don't believe I have any side effects. I have to get a prescription refill this week, because I'm almost out, but I'm getting that taken care of.

Tell Michael that yes I did get his letter, and I thought that the picture effect was awesome!!

My almond milk is almost out, but I bought a carton today to get me through the week. It cost me $2.98 for a bigger carton.

Please continue to write and email! I love reading them! Thank Katie so much for the Saint Patty's card, I love it!!

I'll write more about my investigators next time!

With Love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

P.S. Before I forget, My companion would like a Toadsuck shirt in size XL please and thank you!! He loves that I'm from Toadsuck! in Spanish it's ChupaSapo! Thanks a bunch!!

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