Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 5 in the Carlsbad California Mission

My Dearest Family,

It is definitely summer time here! it is never cold here at all! I never have to wear any of my sweaters or anything anymore! it's weird to me because it 's March and it gets close to 100 sometimes! haha


I do have a bike story this week though haha I feel like president Uchtdorf always sharing plane stories, except I share bike stories haha

So I was replacing the brakes for my bike because it was basically metal on metal grinding when I would stop. Definitely had to change that! so I was trying to change them, but I didn't have proper tools to replace them, so for the meantime I had to use Elder Ellsworth's bike (Which is a lot better than ELder Murdock's janky bike). We were biking to an appointment we had not too far from our apartment, and we were going down a slight grade, and it felt unusally harder to pedal than before. I looked and saw something wobbling on the back tire, but I was thinking it might snap back into place with time. I went a bit farther and the bike starting randomly drifting to the right and about to fall, so I just stopped immediately and walked it to where Elder Garcia was. It turns out I popped the tire tube in the back and I was going on a flat. We had just arrived at the house of our appointment when this happened too! so we turned around and went back to the apartment and had Elders Murdock and Ellsworth take us to the store to get stuff to fix our bikes. We ended up fixing 3 bikes in one night! It was awesome! I now know how to fix a flat, change a tire, and replace bike brakes! Awesome skills! haha

I also actually got water dumped on me at a members house. It was so funny! Didn't expect that to happen at all haha it was an accident of course! The mom went to get me a cup of water, and one of her kids was giving us donuts. When the mom came back with the water, the daughter brought the donut box up too quick, it smacked the cup, and water went all over me! and only me too haha but it was super funny though! I wasn't mad or anything, I just laughed!

My Spanish is starting to come along! It has definitely improved since day 1! But I still need a lot of work! but it's at least getting better! I still struggle to understand people when they speak to me, but with time, it'll improve.

We haven't baptized anyone yet, but it's getting there! We gave a church tour to our investigator, Tommy, yesterday. He felt good being there in the church and especially when we showed him the baptismal fount. We told him about how all the meetings worked, the importance of the sacrament, why we have it, and other things. He feels like this is the right place, and he's gonna attend church this Sunday! And he wants to start meeting with us at least twice a week, and wants to feed us dinner when we meet with him. BONUS! haha

The pic I included this week.... is when I fell asleep during our daily planning, and Elder Garcia took my camera and snapped a lot of pictures of me haha

I love you so much! please continue writing and emailing when you can! I love reading your emails!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

BTW, here is a pic of me at a members house with a GIANT tortilla thing that I was about to eat! And to answer your question of the awesome tie, I traded for that tie in the MTC! the cool design is actually Samoan style artwork that someone at the MTC had drawn on there.

BTW, a little side note, I'm not sure if Sister Megan MacNeil has told you, but she told me that Chuck Norris lives in her zone!! How cool would that be if she got him baptized??

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