Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 6 in the California Carlsbad Mission

My Dear Family,

Thank you for all the pictures! and I'm glad that you loved the pictures from last night! And yes I did get your message you sent her :)

I just picked the package you sent with our Easter goodies today from my district leaders apartment, and WE LOVE IT!!!! :D Elder Garcia loves his shirt! He's so happy with it! I love the hat! :D Totally wearing that during exercise time in the mornings now! We can't wait to get back to the apartment and start munching on that candy! Elder Garcia says that you love him more than his mom does (Only joking of course. His mom hasn't been sending him packages like how you've been sending packages to me with stuff to share.)

I've been praying for your schooling like you've asked me to, and I was praying every day this past week for it, and prayers definitely get answered!

The only thing I have to mention about bikes this week is that I replaced my bike seat with another one that looks and feels way more comfortable! I honestly hated the seat I had before, because it would always hurt my butt! Maybe it's because I'm not used to biking, but I wanted comfort!! haha so I bought a new seat today, so we'll see how it is! :)

I'm glad that everyone got a kick out of my siesta during daily planning! I love to entertain, even when I don't mean to haha I think I have a better picture of me sleeping in Daily Planning from my first week in the field. I'll try to send that one haha

The most spiritual thing that has happened this week, I think was a baptism that Elders Murdock and Ellsworth had yesterday. Throughout the entire service, you could feel the spirit so very strongly! Especially when she actually got in the water to be baptized, I could hardly keep myself from jumping with joy! And I don't even know her! But I do know that she is a child of God, and she has now started on the path back to Heavenly Father.

Our investigator Tommy came to church yesterday! I was so excited about that! He loved the sacrament meeting! He's never been to one before, and he says it's different than what he's used being in, but he feels like this is the right place! We're just helping him to overcome some fears before he gets baptized, but he has told us that baptism is what he wants. So we'll keep working with him and helping him :)

Also, a spiritual experience(/really cool thing that I did during sacrament a couple of weeks ago) was when I was sitting in sacrament meeting and I was looking in the hymnbook, and I was reading "A poor wayfaring man of Grief" and "I know that My Redeemer lives", and I decided to intertwine them a bit. I took the words of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" and put them to the tune of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in my head. (in my mind) I sang the 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 7th verses, then I sang the final chorus to I know that my redeemer lives right after that 7th verse. Singing it intertwined like that filled my soul with the spirit so strongly that I nearly cried. I felt so... I don't know how to describe it... just filled with the spirit and filled with peace in my heart. When you (and anyone who reads this) gets the chance, please try singing it like that! It's so wonderful!

BTW, I love that Captain America Shield! It's so awesome! :D

Thanks for the picture of Granny, tell her I miss her!

I can't write much more this week! But I love you all so much! Please continue to write and email when you can!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

** We received a text on Sunday Night from the Bishop's daughter (he's serving in the El Norte Ward). She sent two pictures, which we're sharing below.


Dinner with Bishop and Sister Parra's family. Photo taken by Jessica Parra (Bishop's daughter). This text came with the pics. "We love your son. He is one of the best Elders we have had in our area. He is a big blessing to our lives and we are very grateful that we were able to meet him." Nice. You gotta love that face.

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