Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 4 in the Carlsbad California Mission

My Dear family,

Thank you so much for all the packages and the letters and pictures you send! it means so much! I can't wait to get these packages that you've sent this week!

I was able to get the package with my shoes from my ZL's the day after p day, and they are SOOO much better than my other shoes! Thank you for sending them! 

These are the old ones haha really bad as you can see!

Thank you for the pics of my other brothers! That made my day too! Tell those bums to write me, please and thank you! I wanna hear from them! haha

I definitely need more Lemon oil, We used it to clean the house for an apartment inspection, and it worked great! I don't think I need any other oils right now, but I'll let you know if I do need more!

I got more Concerta this past week, and with my missionary medical, I had to pay $141! That kinda freaked me out a bit, and I prayed about it, and I felt that the Lord is telling me that money will not stand in the way for me to accomplish what he has for me to do. Because this stuff really does help me, I've tried going a day without it, and it wasn't great. So what are your thoughts about this? I know that's a lot of money for just one months supply, but I feel the Lord said to not worry, that everything will be taken care of.

As for this week, we picked up 2 new investigators last night!! :D and they really really wanna get baptized!! :D

Spanish is still a struggle, but it's coming along slowly haha Elder Garcia and other Elders in my district are helping me to learn Spanish.

We had a star wars themed zone activity today, which was so super fun!! lightsabers, blasters, and pod racing! I may have smashed into the wall in pod racing, but I'm not deathly injured haha I'm perfectly okay and still walking haha

Thank you for Katie's artwork! it means a lot to me! And thank you for getting a shirt for Elder Garcia! He's excited to get it haha

Please continue to write and email when you can!

With Love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

** Here's a picture of Elder Wockenfuss and his companion, Elder Garcia. They had their ZL take the picture.

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