Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 55 - Being a Beacon, and Being a Stinkin' Beacon

Dear Mom,

I love what you learned from the lesson that you taught! :) I learned a little bit from the priesthood lesson this past week! Well, a little background first. This past week was the first week of the transfer. And there have been some issues in some companionships in the district (not Elder Brown and I, but others), and I have been a bit stressed just trying to figure out how to help work out these problems. I've been praying A LOT this week! and on Sunday morning, I was in conversation with the Lord about these issues and what I should do, and among the answers I was brought to remembrance on the words of one of the blessings I received in my life, (can't remember if it was baby blessing, confirmation, when dad died, or some other time) that I would be a "beacon of light to those around me". I paused and thought about that for a minute. What do beacons do? they guide people in the direction to go, they're a signal of hope, and of help. And they can unify people in working towards that direction. (Not that I'm trying to get a big head about it or anything.) I think about the Lord of the Rings when the beacons of Minas Tirith were lit. The ruler there refused to light the beacons to ask Rohan for help, but Gandolf knew it had to be done, other wise, they would not win the war. So the beacons were there to be lit in a time of great need and assistance. Way to tie in Lord of Rings to the gospel haha I also thought about how in the past, I've unified my friends and others. Perhaps God sent me here because I needed to help in that way. I don't know. But God told me then that being that Beacon was something that I need to continue doing. Then in the priesthood lesson that day, they talked about being a light to those in darkness in the world. They talked about being an example of the believers like it says in 1 Timothy, but most especially in word and conduct. They talked about being like a caring big brother, and helping others to follow Christ. and many other things. That helped me connect what God told me earlier about being a beacon of light to that lesson, and it was awesome! God does so many cool things! So, that helped me out, but I would still LOVE prayers for me and for my district concerning unity probs and in whatever other way you feel inspired!

I got the opportunity to give another blessing on Sunday! One of the hermana missionaries was really stressing out, and we were going to give a blessing after church, but she changed her mind to wanting it after sacrament meeting. The blessing is helping her I believe! The spirit said many wonderful things in the blessing to her! Then Elder Brown gave a blessing to the other hermana that was stressing out, and great things came in that one as well. I love how God can work like that to help His children!

The blessing we gave last Sunday went well! The investigator needed a blessing of health, and she felt really good after. I gave a blessing to one of our investigators this past week as well! Her husband had cheated on her and beat her as well, so you can imagine that was a pretty rough time for her! We came a few days later and she told us that after we had given her a blessing that night, she went to bed without feeling any of the pain from what had happened. It was wonderful to hear that!
All in all, blessings just rock! God is awesome! And I will never get tired of seeing those miracles!

On another note, I was a stinker this past week! Back story (again) a few weeks ago, we had eaten with a member family, and after dinner, they offered a mexican delicacy called "champulines" to us. Champulines in english are grasshoppers. I, of course tried them with gusto! one of the hermanas absolutely refused to try them! So I started concocting a plan to sneak some of these champulines in her dessert one day. About middle of last week, we went over to that family's house with the hometeachers to give him a blessing because he was sick. After the blessing, I asked for some of the champulines and told them my plan. They laughed and laughed and gave them to me whole heartedly and wanted a report after I accomplished my plans! So, I had made chocolate muffins for our district to start off the transfer good! little did they know that we had blended up champulines in these muffins. I was giggling to myself all day about it! The next night, when I called to get info on their progressing investigators, we usually tell a joke along with it! So, I made sure they had their phone on speaker. "Hermanas, do you remember those muffins I made for you yesterday? I put a special ingredient in them this time....Champulines." There was a moment of silence, and then all of them bursted out laughing! Except one of the hermanas, the one that had refused to eat the grasshoppers that one time. She grabbed the phone and told that I should bolt the door if I didn't wanna die that night! I laughed and laughed, because I knew she wasn't that serious, of course! and the next day, I get hate mail dropped at our door step. A piece of paper with leftover blended muffin paste spelling out "H8 U" I though it was super funny! She laughs about it now! She's over it! But it was so super funny! The hermanas now say that instead of being Batman, I am now the Joker! it's super funny! Now I carry a joker card with me in my planner :P

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss/Joker :P

[Some images shared by a sister on the California Carlsbad Missionary Moms Facebook page, before and after a baptism]

Elders Wockenfuss and Brown arriving at the baptism

We must have funny faces!

Later, she saw them riding their bikes.

Smile, Elder Wockenfuss!

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