Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 54 - Comic Relief and Blessings

Dear Mom,

My District and I absolutely love your dream* and the goofy pics that you all sent me! They say "that explains so much about you!" as we all are laughing and having a good time over here! My district loves you guys!

[The Wockenflock assurance that all is swell: Buddy swallowing a sword,
Mom putting the hammer down and stabbing him in the back, 
Katie pointing Loki's scepter at everybody in the world as Mary cuts her head off.]

[Pic 2: Buddy riding a scepter, holding a sword.]

I'm super glad that everyone is doing good! I talked with Elder Brown (my comp) about those feelings that wouldn't go away, and he completed understood about the whole empathy thing that we have, and I'm pretty sure we figured out that I was empathing off of Hermana Lichfield. She's one of the sisters in our district, and she's finishing her mission tomorrow, so we figured that I was just feeling all of her mixed emotions about going home. Everything's fine now! :)

Man... what happened this week since Wednesday?? O I know! We found a less-active family through the efforts of an active member! We haven't been able to find this family for a long time, but because of this member working hard, we were able to find them! The husband needed a blessing because he has tumors in his colon or something like that, and the wife has a brain tumor, but she says that she's doing better than he is, so we gave him a blessing of health and guidance that he needed, and we're going back to see them this week! After the blessing, the husband gave us both a really big hug! I could seriously feel his love, deep appreciation, and relief that we were there and that we gave him a blessing. I almost cried from how strongly I could feel it! Once again, another miracle and instance of seeing God's power in the lives of his children! I will never get tired of telling those stories! Tonight, we actually get a chance to give a blessing to another investigator of the hermanas! We'll see what God has in store tonight! :)

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

Never too old to be a Power Ranger!

*Mom's dream: I had the funniest dream last night where I was going somewhere and along the way, I ended up outside a room for a Carlsbad, CA, missionary training meeting. I felt I shouldn't be there because you were in the room, but I was told it was okay. This meeting was taking place because President Kendrick had decreed that all the missionaries should learn to lip sync the lyrics to current popular music.  I stood there watching the group while some song was playing and missionaries were trying to learn the lyrics, lip syncing along. It was imperative to get this right in order to further the work. Your companion, but not Elder Brown, was on the verge of a meltdown because he couldn't keep up. He cried out in frustration when he messed up and banged his fists on the table in front of him. I felt bad for him, but knew with a little more practice he would get it.  After a while I walked over to visit you and I noted your accessories.  With your white shirt and black pants, you were wearing a shiny, dark red patent leather tie, with matching hat and belt. Boy, did you shine and look sharp, as dreams go, though I can see you wearing such an outfit for real. Haha. What a dream.

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