Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 52 - Power in the Priesthood

Dear Mom,

This week has been pretty good!  We had 2 of our investigators come to church! Yadira and Ricardo! They're a married couple that really wants to change their lives. We had invited them the night before to come to church the next day. At first, they said they couldn't, because they had to help his brother tow his car in San Diego, but then they were sitting there talking to each other trying to figure out how they could come to church. So they completely rearranged their morning so that they could come to church the next day! This was the first time that I've really had an investigator to church in months! That's a sign to me that they are serious about wanting to get baptized and change their lives!

This past week, I had the opportunity to give 7 blessings! 5 of them in the same night! One set of Hermanas in our district asked Elder Brown and I to come to their Investigator's house with them to give a blessing upon the house, and for the wife and husband. Elder Brown didn't feel comfortable enough with his spanish to give blessings, so I ended up giving all of them. At first, we explained blessings and what they are, then I gave the blessing on the house right after. The spirit was definitely there! Then we asked who all wanted a blessing. It was only the husband and wife who wanted it, but we asked the other man and woman who were there if they wanted one, but they kindly declined. So we gave a blessing to the husband who's trying to overcome alcohol addiction. After his blessing, he just sat there in the chair for a minute in silence, and wiped his tears. Then we gave a blessing of comfort and strength to the wife, because she's been so stressed in her life. She's been feeling as if home wasn't home anymore, worrying about her family, and many other things. So we gave her the blessing, and words came out of my mouth as guided by the spirit that I did not know why they needed to be said, but they needed to be said. I could hear her sniffling in many places in the blessing, I knew that the spirit was telling her things that she needed in the blessing. I then asked the other man and woman again if they wanted a blessing. They had a look on their face that something was different. I knew that they could feel the spirit there. They then agreed that they did want a blessing as well, and we did accordingly. By the time all the blessings were completed, the entire house was absolutely filled with the spirit and an extreme feeling of peace. We all could feel a significant from when we first arrived to that moment after the blessings. We asked the wife how she felt after the blessings. She described to us how from the start of the blessing, she felt a warmth and peace begin from the top of her head that flowed throughout her whole body. She said that she felt wonderful and different from the beginning. We left with the most wonderful feeling ever! I felt so much at peace, and extremely grateful that I can have that priesthood power from God to do his will and help families and individuals in their lives.

Then several days later, the other set of Hermanas in our district called us and asked us to give a blessing to THEIR investigator. we brought the member with whom we ate to the blessing, because we needed a man in the house. He doesn't have the Melchizedek priesthood yet, but he's progressing to that point. Like before, Elder Brown anointed, and I blessed. After we left the house, the member just kept looking at me with a look of awe and like he really wanted to progress to get the priesthood.

Elder Brown got sick a few days ago, so I gave him a blessing to help him recover. So, lots of blessings! and lots of cool miracles!

I don't say all this to get praise or anything, but just to show how awesome God is! His power is amazing! And we have the amazing privilage to have it again on the earth!

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love to hear from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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