Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 39 - Spanish Conference, Branch Talent Night, and Missionary Referrals

Dear Mom,

Thank goodness Temecula is FINALLY cooling down! I can actually wear my sweaters now! :D (Can ya'll send me my sweater coat you got me for my mini mission?)

The Spanish missionaries at Spanish Conference this past week.
Elder Wockenfuss is on the far right. His companion, Elder Bucko, is on Elder Garcia's shoulder.

As you can see, we had Spanish Conference this past week! And it was awesome!! :D We got several different training specialized for Spanish work, we had little mini classes helping us in different areas of spanish grammer, we also had an awesome mexican lunch! and then after the conference, we had mission wide spanish exchanges, so Elder Garcia came up here to Temecula for the day, and I went to Vista. It was lots of fun!!

We went over to our Ward Mission Leader's house the other day for dinner, and they brought their guitar downstairs for me to play, and once they saw my skills, they are actually now letting me borrow it and they want me to perform in the Branch Talent Night next Friday. haha :) Needless to say, I am a happy camper haha

I just now showed Elder Talbot the Toadsuck water tower picture, and he just died laughing! and he asked me to send it to him, so I did. :)

This week Elder Bucko and I have gotten a lot of missionary referrals, so we're gonna be doing our best to contact them throughout this week. Elder Bucko is doing well with learning the language, he just needs to be a little more confident in himself. But he is doing great though!

Also, this past week I've really gotten the mindset to talk with everyone! Ever since the beginning of my mission, I've been kind of scared to talk to random people on the street, and I would many times pass by people and not say anything because I was scared. But for the last 3 exchanges I've been on, I've made that my goal to work on. And thanks to the help of Elder Smith, Elder Leal, Elder Parr, and the power of prayer and faith, Contacting (that's our name for talking to people on the street) has now clicked in my mind, and I talk with everyone now! It's awesome!

Elder Bucko loved his postcards! They made him smile and laugh! Thanks for doing that :)

I've also found that Elder Bucko is a pyromaniac! Many times when we're studying together, I look up from what I'm reading or looking at, and I find him just playing with the candles we have haha I just laugh and make sure that nothing burns down haha :P

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

First night. Elder Wockenfuss and Elder Bucko at dinner.

Family of friends of the Bucko family back home in New York.

Doin' some good.

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