Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 33 - Exchanges, Blood Moon, and Adventures in Chess

Dear Mom and family,

These past few days have been very hot! I've been told that it [won't] start getting cooler until mid to late October...great... hahah I'll live as best I can :)

So this past week, I went on 2 back-to-back exchanges! The first exchange, I went with Elder Talbot (A newer missionary) into his area. And then the next day, I grabbed some clothes for the next day, then I went with Elder Richards (our Zone Leader) into his area. So I didn't sleep in my own bed for 2 days! it was still a pretty good couple of days though, we learned good things from each other :)

The Noche de Hispanidad was awesome!! :D It was super cool getting to see all the different kinds of dances from the different countries! The food was also really great!! :D It was just an awesome night! There were several people there that weren't members of the church, and some of them are actually going to a family home evening tonight with some members :) So the work is progressing here :)

And just wanting to let you know, I do read all the articles that you send me. I take some time in my personal study to read them, and I love reading them!

Also, one day, we felt adventurous and we created a new version of chess! Sounds just like me doesn't it? All the ridiculous stuff I would do with Troy back home, I'm starting to do here, just slightly different haha In the last game that we played, my castle got ravaged so hard core! So battle worn!

Thank you so very much for the music and the ties! I love it all! Elder Ellsworth really loves the caribbean steel drums CD, and he listens to it pretty much every day haha

One thing that I thought about that I want for Christmas is a 2016 "Batman: Arkham Knight" Calendar. I'll try to think of more stuff later haha

Did ya'll get to see the Red Moon last night? I took some pictures, and it's pretty awesome!

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

P.S. I took a bunch of pics of the moon, and this one I thought looked like a good Halloween/spooky night type of pic. (See pic) Then I gave it red lighting, since it was a red moon night, and it was already changing back. I think it looks awesome haha

Getting artistic

I took pics of the ties you sent me! :D Love them!!

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