Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 34 - Ponderizing on an Amazing Conference

Elder Wockenfuss with the other missionaries in Temecula, at General Conference
Dear Mom and Family,

Conference was truly amazing! I really liked the talk about "ponderizing", and I also enjoyed the one about making our discipleship too complicated. I really liked that one because it relates to something that our mission president tells us about "holding the club too tight." He tells us that it's a golf term, if you hold the golf club too tight, you won't hit the ball as far as you could've. but if you hold the club loosey-goosey and your arms like noodles, you'll send that ball flying right where you want it. He tells us that meaning that if we are too strict, uptight, and overly corrective of ourselves, we're overshooting the mark, and not performing to the best of our ability.

This week has been packed! We had something for each day of the week! P-day, Exchanges, another Exchange, Zone Conference, General Conference, General Conference, Today is P-day, and then tomorrow is Zone Training Meeting! So packed!! haha

It actually rained here this weekend! I was surprised! It was awesome!! :D The temperature went waaaay down, for which we were so grateful!!

Elder Richards loved the postcards!! He talked about it yesterday, and he told me that he was very touched, and that it totally made his day! :)

Yesterday I did an anointing for the first time in spanish, without being helped and it was awesome! I felt accomplished! :D

Also, next week, libraries will be closed on p-day, so I'll be emailing you on Tuesday. But the week after will be back to normal. :)

Other than that, not very much has happened this week. But I really loved conference though! It's always so spiritually uplifting and amazing! :)

Please continue to write and email whenever you can! I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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