Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 31 - Uneventful Week in Temecula, But in Reno with Sis. MacNeil is Another Story

Dear Mom and Family,

This week hasn't been that exciting. We still haven't been able to meet with our 2 investigators, but we're still going around sharing the missionary work message, and it's coming along good! :)

When we took that District pic, we had like a million different cameras going off at once, I had no idea which one to look to haha But the elder that is 2 over to your left (not including the back) is my comp, Elder Ellsworth.

Yeah, Hermana Sipple! I knew her for like 2 or 3 weeks! One day in the MTC, I was just getting some food, and I saw this Sister Missionary was across from me, so I did the standard introduction stuff, ask your name, where you from, where you going, and then she told me "Oh, I'm going to the North Little Rock Arkansas mission!" I paused for a moment as those words registered in my brain. Then I looked up at her, "What! O my gosh! That's my home! If you ever come across the Wockenfuss Family, that's my home! Their[they're] the best!" I didn't really think that she'd remember, but she did! Awesome! :D [She is currently serving in Danville]

Could ya'll send me some of my music from home? I need some more variety haha Could you for sure send me my Art of Motion CD? and whatever else that you think that I would like to hear that's approved haha
I also kinda want my paintball gear haha Cuz we have some P-Day Activities that I could use it for, and before I left for my mission, Elder Jones promised that he would come out here after he was done with his mission and take me to play paintball, since I did it for him. haha So if it's feasible, could I have it? If there's a concern for luggage space, I'll just ship it home before I leave haha

Zombie NERF is getting to be so much fun! We're coming up with so many different ideas for how to play, and we are so excited for it! :D

Sorry for once again, not having very much to say, seeing as not much happened. Hopefully next week! :)

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you all! 

With much Love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[Here's some of the highlights from Sister MacNeil's mission that she shared with us this week. She is Elder Wockenfuss' girlfriend, and is serving in the Reno Nevada mission.]

They had a baptism this week and she sent pictures!

"My companion, me, Angie, and a member, after her baptism."

"Me, My companion, and Cy (our investigator, he is jewish, in his 70's, and loves to joke) at Angie's baptism,...Cy told us after seeing Angie get baptized "I can do that" :D"

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