Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 32 - Christmas Tree, a Real Discussion, and Mixed-Up Grammar

Dear Mom and Family,

I LOVE the Christmas tree!!! :D I keep it set up on the corner of my study desk, so that way I always see it (*See Pic). I had been thinking about how I would keep up with the traditions, but you sent the solution right to me haha :)

I also really really loved the ties too!! I totally forgot to take a picture of me wearing them, but I'll send pics next week :)

This week, on Wednesday, we received a referral from a guy who just came back from his mission that day! He had also set up a lesson with him for us for that next day. We were excited for that! So the next day we went at the appointed time, and the referral let us into his home for a lesson. We sat down and we discussed the restoration with him, now I say "discussed" because that's what it truly was! We didn't just relay information to him, we didn't just ask a couple of questions and moved on, he didn't just sit there and listen and we didn't have to drag words out of his mouth. But rather, it was a real discussion! We talked and discussed about it all, sharing our points of view, relating to the scriptures, being very kind a loving as we spoke, and the spirit was definitely there! He turns out to have a lot of very similar beliefs that we have! So we were happy to hear that :) That's our miracle for the week! haha :)

I'm still not entirely sure what I want for Christmas, it's hard to think haha What can a missionary get for Christmas that he doesn't already have, and that's approved? ...I'll have to think on that one haha

I do want to ask if you could send a postcard or something to one of our Zone Leaders? He's a great guy, trying to do the best he can, but he never gets any mail! The only piece of mail that he's gotten was from the hospital giving him some sort of report from when he was sick. So I just want to spread a little bit of love his way :) Maybe a post card about Toad Suck or something haha maybe the water tower? I'm not sure haha But his name is Elder Dillan Richards. I'm sure it would make his day! :)

I love you very much! I love the emails and everything that you send to me! Please continue to write and email when you get a chance!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

* O yeah, and I gave out the first of those copies of the Book of Mormon that you gave me :)

[An excerpt from his e-mail to Mary]

This week I've been studying about the doctrine of Baptism, but I've learned anything new, but just simply reminding myself of the promises we make, and the importance of those promises :) I also learned some about Brigham Young, a little about both sides: Brigham the prophet and leader, and Brigham, the Father and husband. It was good to read about how much he truly loved his family and just how important they were to him. and he loved the saints as if they were his own family. He never raised an angry voice to his family, and he always gave time to the children of the saints, he never brushed off what any child (or anyone) said as foolishness or not important, but on the contrary, he gave his undivided attention to anyone he was talking to, and made them feel important.

Thank you very much for the [genealogy] Fan chart!! I love it! Is there a way that you could send me how we're related to all these famous church people?

(An excerpt from his e-mail to Buddy)

So something I discovered this past week, is that Spanish grammar is starting to creep into my englishness. I'll just be speaking English with someone, and then I won't remember how to say something in English, or I'll just use Spanish grammar format to say English things. For instance, last week, it was breadsticks, and I said "Stick of bread" instead of "breadstick." and sometimes when I'm typing my emails, I won't remember how to spell some English word, like a moment ago, I forgot how to spell "creep" haha so Spanish and English are just kind of fighting in my brain right now haha we'll see what happens to me. maybe I'll become crazy and won't be able to speak anything hah :P but probably not haha

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