Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 30 - Missionary Work, The Fatburger Challenge and a NERF game

Dear Mom and Family,

This week wasn't all that exciting. But we found out that Elder Ellsworth and I are staying together for another transfer!! :D Happy day! haha

We haven't been able to meet with either of our investigators this week, but we've been sharing a message with the members about doing member missionary work, and how to open their mouths to share the gospel. It's been going well with that :)

Also, yesterday, Elder Martinez (an Elder in our district) and I did the XXX challenge at the Fatburger Restaurant!! :D we had to eat a burger that was 1.5 lbs of meat in half an hour! :D and we did it!! It was awesome! So now we have a certificate saying that we did it, and our picture on the wall of the restaurant haha I accomplished something! :P

Also, last week we had a super cool game of NERF on P-Day, which we're doing again today haha we were basically playing zombies, where only 2 people start as zombies and the rest of us have to survive with our NERF Guns. it was so much fun! :)

From left to right:
Elder Maloney (Capt. America), Elder Yancy (Groot), Elder Wockenfuss (Batman), Elder Kesler (the TARDIS), Elder Heath (Wolverine), and Sister Nelson (Hulk)

They are ready for some fun!

Other than that, nothing else really happened. I wish there was more to say!

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

P.S. BTW, I LOVE your scarf!!! you have to wear that all the time!! :D

The awesome scarf! Neon paint splatters!

[Found this next photo posted in the California Carlsbad Missionary Moms group on Facebook. Don't know who the other elders are yet, but once I find out, I'll share. Most likely taken at the transfer meeting today.]

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