Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 25 - Elder "Pie de Nubes"

My Dear Family,

Yes indeed, I have been transferred to Temecula! Elder Emerick and I just switched spots where we got trained! haha And I think it's super cool that Elder Ellsworth is my companion now! Because when I first showed up in the mission, he was the Elder that taught me all the Spanish that I know now! :D So I already know him pretty well, and we are, of course, getting along very well! :)

Temecula is very HOT!! But I love the branch here! and the Members! They are very nice, and welcoming. and they can actually say "Wockenfuss" fairly okay! haha :) But my nickname here is "Pie de Nubes" (in english: Cloud Foot). They asked what Wockenfuss means in German, so I told them about Cloud Foot, and it makes sense to them. So I am Elder Pie de Nubes here haha

Right now, the work is tiny bit slow here, but I'm hoping that it'll pick up soon! The Branch did a fast for missionary work yesterday, so I'm sure it'll pick up soon! :) I'm also gonna try a training here that I was given in Escondido called "My List of Friends" to help members think of and find people that they can share the gospel with. I know it's worked in Escondido, so there's no reason it won't work here :)

I personally think that there's a reason for all things, mom. Maybe the Lord had you [go through that trial], or maybe it was teach you something about the Savior, or maybe some other reason. But I believe, one way or the other, He had you do it for a reason. Don't question if the revelation you receive is from God or not. The only reason to question something is if it is not in harmony with gospel teachings or God's Nature. If it is of virtue, loving, of good report, or praiseworthy, it is from God. I've been worried in the past if something that felt I should say or do is from God, or if it's just my own thoughts. but I remember from Elder Bednar when someone asked him pretty much that same question, and he told the person that if it is something that is good, then it doesn't matter, because everything that is good comes from God. You've probably heard that one before, but reminders are always good to have. :)

I love you so much! please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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