Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 26 - A VERY Happy Birthday!

Dear Mom and Family,

There's nothing terribly new here in Temecula, still very hot, and not a lot of hispanics to teach. We're trying though! We found a few recently, and hopefully we're teaching them soon! :)

I have to give a discussion tomorrow at Zone Training Meeting about Christlike Communication, and I'm struggling hardcore to put it together! I'm trying as best I can, and hoping for the best tomorrow! :)

The greatest part of my week was probably my birthday packages, I LOVED my birthday presents!! I took a lot of lot pictures! I really hope you like them!

 You will not believe...actually, you probably would believe, how so very happy and excited I was to see that you had found my mini quad!!! :D Clearly my face says everything haha

[The quad had been missing for over a year.]

YOU FOUND THE ONE I WANTED!! :D [His electronic Spanish-English pocket translator.] that was the exact one! I use ALL the time now! I used to carry around a tiny note book and write down words I heard that I didn't know, and then look them up later with the simple spanish-english dictionary I had from the MTC, but now I can do it on the GO! :D And have awesome exercises to learn them!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

See next email for more pictures

With much love,

Elder Patrick PieDeNubes

SO MANY BOXES!! I was so surprised! :)

I LOVE the crown!! I wore it that whole evening! And will wear it again on wednesday haha Thanks Katie!

I was touched by your testimonies in the copies of the Book of Mormon. You're wanting me to give these to people right? Even the DVDs? I totally will, if that's what you're wanting me to do! :)

I opened the box with the Earthquake detection kit, and at first, I was puzzled, but then I died laughing! I love that thing!! Going on my wall at my desk! XD

Ummm....I found this pen in the box....did you mean to send this to me?

[No. But, now he has an extra!]

I love this tie!! I wore it Saturday! Thank you Mary!

Thank you so much for the Chess set Buddy! I love it! I play a lot with Elder Ellsworth now! The score: E. Ellsworth: 4    and E. Wockenfuss..........0 hahaha I will beat him one day!!

I'm wearing your tie today, Katie! It makes me think of Elsa too! I love it! :D my FROZEN tie!! 

Megan sent me a neon zipper pouch as a planner case. I had asked her to send me something I could use as a case to protect my planner from rain and sweat, so she sent me this! :) I also sprayed rain-protective stuff on it haha

Megan sent me a nice cool tie! Sunday's tie :)


CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!! (that Megan sent me haha)

 Megan's mom also sent me a package with lots of treats and a tie! (I'll include the pic next week)

And she [Megan] sent me Avengers Sunblock. BEST. THING. EVER. :D

And I love the avengers shirt!! :D Totally awesome!!

I hope these pictures make up for my lack of talking in this email, because I don't have very much time left. If I had thought ahead, I probably would've filmed a video of me opening my packages. But I at least got these pictures :) For CHristmas, I'll film a video AND take pictures! :D

I love you all so much! Thank you for the wonderful birthday!! It definitely made my week! :D I was so so very happy with all of it!! I'm a very easy person to please haha :)

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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