Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 24 - Transfers, New Apartment & Flat Tires

Dear Mom and family,

My week has been good! My weekend has been slightly hectic though. several days ago, the AP's called Elder Jensen and I and told us that we're going to be moving into a different apartment, so we would at some point have to pack up everything and move. Saturday night Transfer calls came, and I am getting transferred! I was surprised by that! I thought I was going to stay another transfer with Elder Jensen, but oh well, the Lord needs me else where now, and I am super excited! Elder Jensen says that I made a new record in packing. The night we got the call, I had packed almost everything I had (minus hygiene stuff and bedding) into my suitcases in about half an hour haha. and then yesterday, the AP's talked to us again and told us to move in to our new apartment today! So we've spent the morning getting all our personal things together in a car and moving it over. But it's been pretty good though! :)

With that aside, things are going well! We haven't picked up anyone new for us to teach this week, but it's been good finding the people that we ran into this week. We came across a women who wasn't a member who knew very much about the Book of Mormon. She told us about King Benjamin and King Mosiah and the things that they did. She told us that she wanted to go to church and to be taught by the missionaries, so we gave her the address for our nearest chapel, and sent her as a referral to english Elders nearby. Even though we didn't pick her up as an investigator, another companionship is picking her up. So that's still good for me! :)

Thank you so much for writing even throughout all the trials your having! I love you all so much!

WIth much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[A message to Buddy]

the other day, Elder Jensen had 3 flat tires on his bike, all in one day. It was rough haha and we couldn't get it fixed yesterday, so we just walked and used the bus to get around. Since we were walking around, we were running late for dinner, so tried to find a short cut, and decided to go through the woods. It was quite the adventure! And by doing so, we basically walked right through Hobo Central. There are so many homeless people that live in those woods! It's crazy! haha but we were safe though :) and we finally made it to dinner!

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