Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 19 - Exploring Escondido and Sharing a Scripture with a Family

My Dear Family,

Well, I guess you already know, I got transferred to another area of the El Norte Ward! They split up 2 of the areas in the ward into 3 areas, and Elder Jensen and I are opening the new proselyting area here in the Ward, so we know almost nothing about it haha (It's a part of San Marcos and Escondido,) But I am super excited about it! I'm really excited at the prospect of exploring the new area and finding those people that are ready! We also picked up our first New Investigator this week! We found him through a 2 year old Potential Investigators list that we had been given. We knocked on his door, and was super excited about taking the lessons! He said he talked with missionaries 2 years ago, but they never came by. and so he's really glad that we're here now! Miracles are already happening here!

Elder Jensen's a really great companion! He's actually the District Leader here now! But he's super awesome! Him and I get along super well, and I feel more like myself! It could be just that I'm getting over being a greenie, but I'm opening up more now! I'm not struggling with confidence like I did before! Everything is just awesome now!! :D

As I was getting ready to leave the area, I went to go say goodbye to some people that I got attached to, and with one family in the ward I wanted share the scripture about weaknesses becoming strong, because it became a testimony builder for me, and I asked the Dad to read it, and we felt the spirit very strong so that he cried as he read it (and because I think he knew what I wanted to say with the scripture.) I almost didn't have to say anything after he read it, because he could see exactly how this scripture helped me. He told me about how much I've really grown here in the ward. He spoke about how when I got here, I hardly said anything in spanish. And he saw my struggles and that I was really trying to speak,  and now, I was speaking so much more than when I first started. He told me about how I was really a good missionary, that I effected the lives of his family, and that I will continue to do a lot good things in the mission. He told me that if and when I come back while in the mission, and even after the mission, their door is always open to me. That really touched me. :)
...And then I came back into the ward haha but they were happy that I am still here haha

I am super excited for this area, and I'll let you know what other miracles happen soon! :)

I did get the Prime Pantry box today, and I got the recipes last week, I believe! Thank you so much! :D

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you all!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

O, also, a less active that Elder Martin and I found (that hadn't been visited in a couple of years) gave me a personalized pocket watch the night before I left my old area! It has my name (Elder Wockenfuss) on the front, and my service times on the back (12/31/2014--12/13/2016). She got it for me because we were the first missionaries or anybody that came along to check up on her and help her and her family in a very long time. I don't have my camera today, but I'll send the pictures I took of it next week! :)

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