Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 17 - Two Baptisms and a Trip to the San Diego Temple

My Dear Family,

The best thing to happen to me this week is that 2 of our investigators got baptized yesterday! :D It felt so amazing! The spirit is so strong when people get baptized, I think especially when it's people that you taught and helped to bring to that point. I also got to give a talk in the baptismal service about El Espiritu Santo (the Holy Ghost)! I would send you a copy of the talk, but I didn't write anything down at all. I just went by the spirit when I spoke. Elder Martin and all the others in my district that were there told me that I did a really good job! And so did the investigator that got baptized :) I'm including some pictures this time! :D

Elder Wockenfuss and Elder Martin with Yolanda, Aislinn and their family

Also, after Yolanda and Aislinn got baptized and as we were waiting for them to change, the spirit was so strong and I was praying in my heart, and discussing it with God, and I felt in my heart, and God confirmed to me, that before this life, in the premortal life, that I knew Yolanda, and I told her that I would find her in this life and bring her to the waters of baptism. So that was super amazing to know! :D

We had a Zone Temple trip this past week, and it was awesome! The San Diego Temple is huge! It felt so great being there! When we went through the session, Elder Martin and I listened to it in Spanish, and somehow, I was able to understand everything that was said! The Gift of Tongues is a real gift! :) I'm telling Mary a little more about this experience as well. :)

The San Diego temple - photo by Elder Wockenfuss

Also, yesterday, I was talking with one of the YSA's in the ward, and he was telling me about how, of all the missionaries in the ward, I'm the one that he and other people feel the most comfortable talking with. We figure that it's because of a mix of my personality, southern hospitality, and the fact the I'm a Mormon haha It made me feel pretty good that people like talking to me haha

I'm glad that it's finally stopped raining there haha Have you just been stuck inside everyday?

Thank you so much for writing! Please continue to write and email when you can!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[Here's the explanation of the temple experience, as e-mailed to Mary.]

This week we went to the temple as a Zone, and it was awesome! It feels so good to be at the temple! And since it was my first time being in a huge temple like that, it was super amazing! We also got the opportunity to take names through the temple for a member in the Del Mar stake. I got the name of a "Frank J. Veit" to take through. and when I was sitting and waiting to go through a certain part, I was looking down at the name and I got an overwhelming feeling of happiness and peace, and I knew at that moment that Frank was ready and waiting for this ordinance to happen, and then a thought came to mind "You brought me here Elder, Thank you." So I felt super amazing after that!

My testimony of Family History work has really been growing lately! I think it started with the experience that I had the week of the 10 years since Dad died, and it's just been growing ever since.  One time, I was thinking about member missionary work, and how it's really important to do, and then I was also thinking about how there are missionaries and people that have died that are doing as much work as they can to teach the souls in prison about the gospel, and they're helping us to find people as well and do our work, but then. what are we doing for them, to help them in their teaching and bringing people to Christ? After that, My desire to do Family History has really grown! So when I get home, expect me to be helping you find our ancestors :) That's definitely one way that God has been working in my life!
hey btw can you send me a pedigree fan chart of our family history?

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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