Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 91 - It's the Final Transfer!

Dear Mary,

Well... This is it!....The transfer to end all transfers.... what a weird thought!! I'm excited for it though! I'm gonna be working as hard as I can till the end! I only have 5 more weeks to wear this nametag, I'd better make the best of it! :)

Transfer calls came on Saturday night, and we found out that Elder Sedgwick is leaving to Vista, and I'm getting Elder Dowda! And we're getting a new set of elders into the ward as well! :) I'm excited for the change and am going to make this the best transfer of my life!

I totally admire Nephi for how much faith he had in completing Heavenly Father's commandments! I feel exactly like Nephi as I come to the end of my mission "being lead by the spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which [I] should do." My life is coming before me! And I don't know how everything is going to turn out! But I know that God WILL provide for us! I remember Mom telling me for years that when she passed away I'm supposed to keep the family together and be the spiritual leader. I always thought, "Yeah that'll be a LONG time down the road, so I don't have to worry about it right now."  but I was wrong! I didn't expect to take that to happen so soon! But I'm so glad that we can all work together and strengthen each other and that we're all still going strong in the gospel and that we haven't broken apart! I'm learning more and more of how Mom truly did have to rely on the spirit and God in her decisions! It's truly a blessing that we can communicate with Heavenly Father anytime that we want! I know that as we continue faithfully, everything God has promised will come to pass for us :)

Elder Sedgwick and I got the opportunity to teach the young men's class in church yesterday! It was on education and developing skills. I honestly learned stuff to help me to prepare for education more! I certainly hope that they learned something from it, because I know I did :)

People have been giving us sooo much Halloween candy!!! Our kitchen counter is just filled with candy upon candy! ...we're probably gonna get a little fat haha :P

Speaking of Halloween! Here's a couple pics of my Halloween costumes!

My Batman PJs, of course!

I was also the Joker! with green hairspray! It was pretty awesome!

I wore both of them at the exact same time! I showed up to our Zone activity wearing the Batman Pjs, (which everyone loved!) and after a while I was like "Man, It's getting hot in here" (which yes it was), I unzipped the pjs and joker came out from underneath! I loved the first look of confusion when I pulled off the batman hood and people could see green hair! And then they all just laughed when my Joker costume was just beneath it haha :) I thought it was pretty snazzy lookin! haha :P

Write when you can, we've only got 5 weeks left haha :P

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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