Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 93 - The Nightmare Transfer Before Christmas

Dear Mary,

I'm glad that the weather is finally getting normal there! It'll be so weird to not have SoCal weather when I come home haha

On thanksgiving, we are going to the Delaveaux family's house for dinner!! :D I think I've told you about them before, they are so awesome!! They are one of the many sets of "Mission Parents" that we have :)

As for my plans... I'm gonna get a job at Kum & Go, maybe go to school at uaccm (still not sure), I want to get a good smart phone, (not a cheap walmart-y type of smart phone, but a better one, maybe like yours, not sure yet), I want to weekly be researching different careers that interest me, I want to be going to the temple at least once a month as a family (like how we used to do slow Saturdays), get a calling asap and magnify it to the best of my ability, and go out with the missionaries weekly if possible. That's just an idea of what I want to be doing when I get back. I'm gonna meet with President Thomas this week to discuss My Plan, iron out details of what I plan to do, and have my final interview with him.

The title of this email should be "The Nightmare Transfer Before Christmas" because so much craziness has happened! And as a play on words of the title of the Tim Burton movie :P [Note: Whether he was joking about that or not, we did it!]

So! This past week, a sister missionary came in from Bolivia and was assigned to the Hermanas in our district, so they're in a trio now :D The sister from Bolivia is learning English, and is doing really well at it! They seem happy with each other, and are doing good work! The night that she came in, we ate at the Palacios house, and it was such a good time! We were all laughing and enjoying the company! The Hermanas even noted that it was great to see me so happy since my past struggles :)

That night we got a call from the Assistants telling us that the next day we would be receiving one of the new missionaries that had come in a week and a half previous, because one elder in the mission had to go home for knee surgery, so things had to be switched up a bit. So we would have 2 trios in our ward!! haha 8 missionaries and 3 areas! so crazy!! and all the companionships are training! haha

The next day our mission had the opportunity to meet together in Escondido with Elder Dallin H.Oaks of the Quorum of the 12!! :D He wanted to shake every missionary's hand before the meeting started, and as I passed through to shake his hand, he grabbed my lapel to get a closer look at my name. "Wockenfuss...Is that how you pronounce it?" he said with a smile on his face "Yes sir, it is" is what I thought I said, but I'm sure it came out as "ahfiaubfblbiul" (:P) because I was amazed that I actually got to meet him and that he touched my nametag!! :D :D

[Family freaking out at the awesomeness!!!]

It was a wonderful meeting though! It was centered around being witnesses of Christ and gaining a greater relationship with Him and how we can rely on him as missionaries. It was so wonderful! We felt the spirit so strong there!

The Proclamation of The Living Christ was discussed as well, and a bit of behind the scenes of how it came about. It made me realize that I have never read The Living Christ before, so I want to do that this week! I'll tell you next week what I learned from it! :)

We got Elder A. (the new missionary) after the meeting with Elder Oaks and had lunch as a district, and since then it has been a difficult time! [Removed for privacy]

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love hearing from you!


Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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