Monday, August 8, 2016

Weeks 76-77 - Safe Return to California, and A Baptism Date

[Note: On July 22, our mom passed away. Last Monday, Elder Wockenfuss was on a flight home for her funeral. He returned to California on Thursday to finish his last few months.]

Dear Mary,

 I did get to California okay, although I had a very long day getting there haha I got back to Cali at 11:30 my time... So many plane delays and switching gates and such, and then I was in Houston for 4 1/2 hours, so it was a very interesting day!

I love the pic of the grave!! It is totally mom's style!! [Mom loved Christmas, gardening, and pink flamingos. So we painted a garden gnome, that our uncle and aunt found for us, in Christmas colors, with pink flamingos on the hat and back of the coat. We're going to paint the other gnome in the same colors, just reversed. Another aunt finally found some pink flamingos that we had all been anxiously searching for, so Sunday evening we all went out to the cemetery and placed everything on mom's grave.]

I still miss her a lot... I go from being happy, to being sad, to being at peace, to feeling angry, to feeling happy again, to feeling tired, so I get the whole Emotional Roller Coaster, and it's not fun... It makes the time pass by, but it's not fun! I have felt her close by sometimes, other times I know she's off doing something good :) I also took the poem at the back of her funeral program and put it to music :)

We've been teaching Norberto, who has a baptismal date for 2 weeks from now, he's in the hospital right now, but we still visit him and teach him a lot! He's right on track to getting baptized! :)

How has it been going with what we discussed in our family counsel? Scriptures, prayers, cleaning, and all?

Thanks for writing! Please keep it up! I love hearing from ya'll!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[From his e-mail to Buddy:]

For Mom's birthday[July 30], we took Elders Talbot and Gantner to Einsteins Bagel Bros, cuz I know that Mom loved that place a lot! We used to go there every morning before class at UCA :)

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