Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 75 - New Investigators

Dear Mom,

Things are still all over the place like a roller coaster.

I think I'm becoming quieter.

My mind is just thinking about a billion things at once concerning the district, issues that really need support and help with, my future, my hermanas, the ward, our area, what I can do better, how I can fix and strengthen relationships here, how I can become more trusting again, and lots of other things.

[Rough week. Deleted paragraphs not for general knowledge. And now the good parts:]

ANYWAY, We went from having 0 investigators this week to having 3 new investigators, one of which has a baptismal date! :D We prayed to have 3 people ready for baptism in this transfer, and these 3 could be those people! All 3 of these investigators came from member referrals too! We didn't even have to do anything to get them! we just showed up and they were like "hey we have people to be baptized for you!" it was pretty great haha

I loved the packages! I got the one with the jones soda and all, and I loved it!! Especially the new Toad Suck shirt! It's so great! And I love the new GENTRI CD that you sent as well, thank you so much! I'm actually listening to it with Talbot right now haha It's really awesome! Have you heard it yet?

I love the new snowman tie as well! I'm wearing it right now! the snowman going to so many different places and different things happening to him is super funny!

The snowman tie

 Distribution Center package didn't come with last week's mail, so it should be in today's mail! I'm excited! :D

O and actually, we took Carlos to lunch this time haha he does so much for us that we decided to take him to eat! :) He actually works in Carlsbad, so he was really close.

Please continue to love me in all the ways you do! I love being loved haha :P [We always tell him that we love him beyond all reason.]

Con amor,

Elder Patricio Pie de Nubes

[Some photos of Elder Wockenfuss and Elder Sedgwick taken by one of the sister missionaries in their district and shared with us through her mom.]

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