Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 81 - Kickball, Progressing, and Revelation

Dear Mary,

You remember that random call you got from a California number on Saturday?..... yeah, that was us, on accident! My comp was looking through the phone for a Mary in our ward to ask where I certain park was, and he only found your number, so he called it. I had forgotten that I saved your number, just in case I needed to call for something, so when we got to your voice mail, I remembered and then told him to text you. Sorry about that haha

 The pics I'm incuding this week are of how I have part of my desk set up. The quote on the right came from Hermana Young's mom as one of my birthday presents. 

And as I told you last week, I printed off that pic of Mom to put at my desk, and I found a really good frame for it as well! If you can't read it, it says " Memories: Some moments we never forget, because our lives are forever changed." I keep it right there so I can see every day when I'm studying, and whenever I'm home. :)

Today we had a Zone activity at the park! We played kick ball and had some snacks! It was pretty fun!! :D I tried to open a Dr. Pepper bottle, and it fizzed up hard core, and spewed everywhere!! So my hands were sticky with soda syrup for a while haha

Some of our investigators are progressing! The kids of the Mendez family are doing the reading assignments we give them and they're writing the words that they don't know so that we can help them to understand. And Norberto came to church as well! He now has some nice church slacks, and at least a nice white t-shirt until he can get a button up shirt. But he has to find a new place to live now, so we can't meet with him until he gets a place of his own, which should be soon!

I learned about how revelation is super important in our lives! Especially in sharing the gospel! We can't share the gospel unless we are guided by the spirit and revelation, like how ya'll are doing with the sisters help. I've actually done that on my mission as well! and it really does help members to think of people that they know, and what they can do for the next step in sharing the gospel!

Having the spirit is so important! Heavenly Father knows all things, and so if you have the spirit to guide you, you can be prompted to do or say something that will help that person in some way.

Write when you can, I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

This is Elder Wimmer, he is such an awesome guy!! We had a meeting with a general authority named Elder De Hoyos on Friday, and Elder Wimmer and I discovered that our ties were exactly the same pattern, just different colors!!!! We were so excited and happy beyond belief!!! It totally made our day haha :D

The meeting itself was good, we met with him from 8:30 until like 2:30... It was a long meeting! But so very helpful! This was also his first church assignment in the United States in English! So our Mission President had to translate for him sometimes for the English missionaries, since he's still working on his English. We could understand him perfectly, since, you know, we're so good at Spanish :P haha jk but really, we were able to understand him really well!

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