Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 63 - Stake Conference, Angels and Music

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the money! I'm gonna go shoe shopping today after emailing! :D 

Not really anything much has happened this week! Yesterday we had stake conference, and there were good talks in it! Our mission president and his wife spoke about keeping the spirit, sharing the gospel, and going to church, Reading the Scriptures, and Praying. They were really good talks! But there was a talk that kind of bothered me... It was a good topic behind it, but the man told about his experience when his wife had cancer and eventually died. He went into a good amount of detail about it, and it brought to my mind many flashbacks when Dad fought cancer those 2 years. Some memories I had forgotten about until the man described things that brought the memories back. One of my fellow missionaries saw that I was struggling with the memories, so I received a sticky note that said "'Peace be unto thy soul' ~God" and it made me feel better. I just stared at the sticky note for a little bit as the man continued his story, and I found the scripture associated in D&C 121:7-9, and it brought me comfort. 

God does send angels to people in moments of need. They may not necessarily come down in pillar of light and be wearing all white, but they may be your friends or maybe even people you don't even know. If you get prompted from to help someone, in that moment, I feel like you become an angel. That's my opinion haha maybe I'm wrong, or it's not doctrine. If it's not, then sorry.

I've been practicing guitar in the early morning before studies and after planning at night, and I think I'm getting better! I'm able to learn songs quicker and with more ease now! Maybe it's because of the ADD Medication, and I can focus more? Either way, I'm learning more music! :D

But anyway, not much else has happened! We found a few more part member families that we haven't met in the past! So we got to meet them and hopefully we'll get to teach them more in the near future!

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

I also just wanted to say I love you and thank you for everything you've done! 

[pictures of our Elder at Stake Conference, shared on the Missionary Moms Facebook group]

Elder Wockenfuss in the back, the tallest of the bunch, his comp, Elder Emerick,
and some sister missionaries in their district

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