Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 61 - New Investigators, Staying in Vista

Dear Mom,

I LOVED the wockenflockite pics!!!! I can't believe I forgot to comment on them!! They were SO funny! I showed them to my district, and they laughed out loud!! very very creative! What was the inspiration for it?

The original Wockenflockite photo

The Wockenflockites watching General Conference

"Burying" our swords after Conference

The training for District Meeting was just for my small district and the Zone leaders :) 

I got the package!! :D It had Batman bandaids, wickles, a bunch of candy, goldfish, chocolate orange, talks, YOUR essay (Super funny XD), and Mormon Guitar music. Your essay was SOOOO funny and awesome! I just laughed all through out it!

Elder Emerick and I picked up 2 new investigators from a part member family. This was the first time I met this family, and they were very welcoming to us! We talked for a while and shared the Mormon Message about the hope of God's light with them. I could tell that they felt the spirit that night. They gave us a ton of food after the lesson! So that's sure sign when hispanics like you here haha We are very excited to go back and help them progress!

I really liked the forgiveness talk because there were some things that happened on my mission that I was kinda bitter about for a while, but that talk helped me out. 

[Mom's note: Unfortunately, moms don't get to know everything.]

I'm sorry that pics from me have stopped. I can't really think of anything to take pics of that I can't just get from someone else. Plus, I don't know what I was thinking getting a big camera for my mission! It's so bulky and heavy to carry in my bag all the time, so that's why you haven't really seen any pics from me of the outside world.

I will be staying in Vista for another transfer!! :D I honestly would love to stay here for a while longer!

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

 P.S. People tried scamming us on Saturday. These 3 hispanic teenagers had stopped at the church we meet at, and they were claiming that their mom died from cancer 3 days ago, that they have no place to stay, no food, that they needed to get to mexico, and other parts of the story I don't know. So they told their story to the hermanas, the hermanas called the bishop to come help, and then they called us to ask us to get a couple of burgers and bring them to the church for these people. We went right away, and I got the prompting from the spirit to call our mission president about this, because I thought, if anyone know what we should do in this situation, it was him. He didn't pick up the first few times, so we continued waiting for the bishop at the church with the hermanas and the 3 teens, since people shouldn't be alone there without a priesthood holder around. The bishop shows up eventually and the teens relay their story to him and his counselor, and they start trying to figure out how to help them. Our Mission President calls me back, and I start to explain to him the situation, and then He cuts me off, and starts to relay the story to me that I was about to tell him. He said that it's a scam. Don't help them. They've been doing this for at least a few weeks, scamming money off of bishops and stake presidents in the area. He had me explain it to our bishop, and had me tell him to not help them. So we eventually had to leave because it was getting late, so we left the bishop take care of it. It got it all worked out, and the 3 of them ended just leaving. So that was quite a night haha

[A member took Elder Wockenfuss' district to When Pigs Fly to celebrate Hermana Young's birthday this past week.]

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