Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 43 - New Companion "like Troy", Potential Baptism, and Chicken Soup for the Sick Missionary's Soul

Dear Mom,

My new companion's name is Elder Clark. And we have both been trained by Elder Garcia! So in mission terms, Elder Clark and I are brothers!! :D He was trained before I was, so he's my "big brother" haha

Elder Clark is very much like Troy haha so we get along great! I've already died laughing so many times this week, I just can't count haha I can't wait for the different shenanigans that we get into!! haha After Transfer Meeting, Elder Clark and I discovered that we had the same patterned tie, just different colors, and we have the exact same shoulder bag. We concluded that this companionship was meant to be haha

We taught our investigators twice this week (who are the kids of less-active member) and in the first lesson, we read Mosiah 18:8-10, asked one of them a question about baptism, then he started crying because he wants to get baptized so badly. So we invited both of them to be baptized this Sunday! :D and all is going according to plan with that so far :) You'll probably see a pic of us at his baptism next P-Day :)

I did get the package with my coat and fun Christmas ties! I'll send pics of me wearing the ties next week! Is it just me or does the green tie you sent in the package looks like what the grinch would be if someone turned him into a tie? haha I love it!!

On Saturday, Elder Clark and I were sicker than dogs! So we just stayed inside all day and flopped around, it wasn't fun haha but we called the Morgan family and asked them for some Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner, which they graciously provided for us :) It made us feel tons better!!

I'll be praying for you during Finals :)

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[An excerpt from his e-mail to Mary]

Something I learned in my scripture study this week was about Nephi and how the Lord asked him to build a ship. And instead of asking immediately for the ship, or for the tools, he asked the lord where to go to find the ore so that he could MAKE the tools. It's kind of like our lives. We all have "ships" that God has asked us to build, but instead of saying "ok, give me the result right now," we can ask "where should I go and what should I do to begin the endeavor of accomplishing this task?" 

It was pretty powerful to me, so I've been sharing it as dinner messages :)

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