Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 45 - Elder Santa Claus, and Lessons with a Less Active/Part Member Family

Dear Mom,

I'm glad that you all enjoyed the Star Wars movie!! I was wondering how it was haha So I'm sure I won't be disappointed :)

3:00 works good for us for Skyping! We'll be at our Branch President's house to Skype and eat dinner, so I'll let him know of when we're gonna skype :)

This week we had a pretty good experience with a LA/PM family this past week. We visited this family with our branch mission leader, and everything happened one right after another. We knocked on the family's door immediately after they had just finished watching the Cokeville Miracle, we then came in and shared a message about Luke 2 and helping our fellowman. After we shared the message, the husband (who isn't a member) came home, so we summarized and discussed with him what we shared to his family. After we ended with a prayer, a young man came downstairs and asked if we were mormons or christians. We explained how we are both, and then he told us that he had gotten baptized in the YSA Branch about a month ago, and now he's living with our LAPM family. Neither the family nor the young man knew that the other was mormon. So it was all a very interesting experience for us all. It may not sound interesting in email, but it was very cool to experience!

I've gotten lots of your Christmas packages this week haha I opened them to see lots of Christmas presents inside haha I have them all underneath my tree right now haha

Speaking of Christmas, guess who was Santa at our Branch Christmas party?? 

"Under the beard and wig, you know that face haha"

It was a really great activity! And Elder Clark and I both got Christmas presents out of it too haha We both got a penguin pillow pet, and a lightsaber toy thing! I'll send pics next week!

Not too much else happened this week, just little randomness bits of Clarkenfuss through the week haha At the end of the day, we always vote on the quote of the day, the one thing that was said or done, that made us laugh the most! I don't remember all of them, but they always make me laugh haha :)

I can't wait to see you at Christmas! :D

Please continue to write and email when you can! I love hearing from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

[something he shared in his e-mail to Mary]

So something I learned a while ago at the beginning of mission, is that in Spanish, the phrase "Endure to the End" is "Perseverar hasta el fin", which is to Persevere to the End. To me, that sounds a lot better than Endure. To me, Endure sounds like you're just letting everything beat against you till it's done, but Persevere sounds actually like you're pushing through the storms of this life, that you're doing the right in good times and bad, like you have an attitude that you WILL make to the end. So, I like the spanish version of the phrase better. And then Megan told me today that she had heard from someone that it should be Enjoy to the End instead. And that is exactly right! We can't just be grumpy about everything and not enjoy the small moments as they pass by. Our time on the earth is short, lets make the most out of it! and have joy in the journey! :)

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