Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 74 - Restoring Positive Relationships in Carlsbad, Hard 1st Week

Dear Mom,

So I have no idea what to think about this week...

Sooo I'm glad to be here in Oceanside/Carlsbad, so far the ward is great! But there are a few relationships that I need to help fix between some members and us. I didn't do anything wrong, but because of recent experiences, some members aren't very fond of Elders. But reparaciones are in progress! The member had us take the trash out for her, because I told her that I personally feel awkward when I'm not doing anything but others are helping out. So she gave me that to do! :) I also found out from Hermana Young that that member likes me, she said that I was nice. SCORE!! Progress is being made!

Hermana Young said that she loves the gloves! She didn't say anything about the crowns yet, but I didn't know that she got them at that point. I don't really feel unified in this district right now, but we're gonna fix that! isn't it interesting that ALL of my districts so far have had that problem? Maybe God's trying to tell me I'm good at fixing this problem haha I don't know, I don't want to be prideful about it.

[Struggles in his area at this time. Please pray for him.] I actually cried on Saturday morning because I felt alone with everything that happened in my transition here.I prayed for help in this time, and then I looked on my desk and saw the quote that Hermana Hawkins had given in her discussion a few weeks ago. "Be of good cheer, for the future is as bright as your faith." That helped to rekindle hope and joy. I can do this, God will never leave me alone.

I'm so glad that you loved the pics and the video! Carlos is so great! It's also wonderful to see the pics that ya'll LOVE the Chile Rellenos!! :D Reading your emails and seeing your pics has made my entire week!

I got to meet several members this past week. They were all good people! Some were English and some were Spanish. We ate with one English family who owned a guitar! Of course I got to play it for them after dinner! I played "When I am Baptized", "I Love to see the Temple", "Classical Gas", and "Three Wooden Crosses" for them. They much enjoyed to hear the music! They said that next time, they'll have some Mormon Guitar sheet music ready for me to play haha

I didn't take many pics this week, so sorry! But I did take a pic of the ocean sunset! enjoy!!

So there's been a lot of everything this week, I just need to focus on the good!

I'm also going on exchanges tonight with the Zone Leaders! I'm going with Elder Richards in his area! He was my Zone Leader in Temecula! So it's just the good ol' days again haha

Also, Elder Talbot is in my zone!!!!! We were beyond happy and excited to see each other!!! Friends reunited again!! :D

And Elder Sedgwick and I are doing this awesome workout program together, so we're not gonna be gangly spaghetti men for very long! haha :P

Please continue to write and email when you can, I love to hear from you!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

(E-Mail to Buddy)

We had someone from the Seventy come and speak to us at church yesterday! It was wonderful! His wife served her mission in Ecuador, and she's kept it over the years, so she was able to speak it perfectly in her talk. The area Seventy, her husband, was not able to speak Spanish, so we had translation devices for those who didn't speak English. But his talk was very good as well! I can't remember everything that he spoke about, but I remember that he mentioned how Elder Holland ordained him to the office of Seventy, and to be a Special Witness of Christ. At the end, he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ, and the spirit entered my heart with such a great force and it filled my whole soul. Wow! It's always good to be reminded that God still speaks today, and that the Spirit can enter into the hearts of men to testify of truth!

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