Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 5 at the Mexico MTC

Dearest Family,

Thank you so much for all the packages that you sent me! I loved them so much! I'm sure that you know without asking that I did share what you sent me with my district, and they all love you so much too! They think that you´re the greatest ever! :)

Now about the ADD (Not ADHD, ADD): My teachers have been noticing that I've been falling behind and not doing so well on learning Spanish and learning how to teach, so they wanted me to go see the psychologist (Sister Brown) here at the MTC. I went a few days later and talked with her, and we were talking for a good while, I'm not sure how long I was in there talking with her, but at the end of our talk, she determined that I had ADD and started explaining to me the reasoning why I wasn't doing so well in class and not doing as well as I wanted. She explained the difference in how an ADD mind worked versus a non ADD mind, and she talked to me about starting me on a certain medicine that would help me in those aspects. So she got your number from me, called you that day, and the next day started using the medicine. O MY GOODNESS!! I started seeing changes just hours later! In days previous, I'd had much difficulty teaching when we would practice in the classroom, and when we would teach lessons. For instance, a couple of days ago, one of our teachers lead me and my companion into another room to teach. Hermano Chan (the teacher) and I were the missionaries, and my companion was the investigator. When it was my turn to teach a principle, it was so hard for me figure out what to say and how to teach it. But the next day when we did it again (this was 3 to 4 hours after I had taken the ADD medicine), I was able to grasp onto a concept and run with it! I could ask questions that helped the investigator think. I was able to teach clearly, and I was able to teach about that principle. That night, during class, we were supposed to practice teaching about certain things. (One of us would be a missionary, and the other would be the investigator, then we would switch), and when I was the missionary, I was able to ask questions, I could teach the lesson I was supposed to, I could help the investigator! Other days when we would do this practice teaching, I couldn´t do it. It was so hard to think of a question to ask, to think of something to say, but the day that I started taking that medicine, my thoughts were way more organized, I was way more focused, I could learn, I could teach, I could speak Spanish! This was most definitely an answer to prayer! I have praying and asking God to help to be able to learn and teach better than I was, because I knew I wasn't doing well. I also fasted this past Sunday for help in these things. And I do believe that our prayers have been answered! I can´t express how happy I was that I was able to teach and learn so much better now! Others in my district have even noticed and said how so much better I´m doing, and how much more focused I am. They are all so happy for me! Thank you so your prayers and fasting, and for saying yes to the medication haha It works so great!

Thank you for telling me about home, and for sending pictures of Katie's drawings, I really do miss seeing them. I always love hearing about home, and how life is going! Today is my last P-Day here at the MTC, and I´m not sure when P-Days are in my Mission, my next p-day may be in a couple of Mondays from now, but I´m not sure. But I will email you as soon as I can. I leave here this upcoming Tuesday morning at 3am, and my flight is at 6:05am. Elder Emerick and I are literally the only ones that are going to Carlsbad this transfer from the mexico MTC, But almost everyone else in my district is going somewhere in California.

Thank you for all that you're sending to me! I love getting things from you guys! It makes me happy to see that there´s something in the mailbox haha.

I'm glad that Jones and Tulvey could go give Buddy a blessing, they're great guys! Could you ask them and other missionaries to email me? I miss talking to them.

I love the gig bag you got for my 12 string! It´s awesome! :D 

I love the pics! please continue to send pics!

I love you all so much! 

Much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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