Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 3 at the Mexico MTC

Mi amoroso Familia,

(To start as a side note, I found out that here at the MTC, I only have an hour to email on thursday, and you know how we as a family can only say good morning in no less than 100 words. And since I'm the District Leader, I need to be an example to the others. So it´s it gonna be pretty hard to email you and Sister Megan MacNeil in one hour and explain everything. So I apologize for short emails until I leave the MTC)

I´m very sorry to hear Sister Weeks, but I´m happy to know that she´s in a much better place now, and that she has no pain anymore.

We had a temple trip today, and unfortunately, the temple itself is closed for renovations, but we got to go inside the visitors center and store there. It was very amazing! My district and I got to move from room to room watching a series of videos concerning families and God´s eternal plan. (the videos were all connected to each other, as we moved from room to room. Where one video leaves off, the next one picks up.) The video was about this certain family that were members of the church, and they were hiking a rocky terrain, and one son fell off a rock, and the family was freaking out, the dad ran to get him, but found him safe. It wasn´t a far fall,he just slide a bit. When the family was back home that evening, the dad was really thinking about what happened that day, and how thankful he was that his son was okay. throughout the videos, it continues to show the family´s faithfulness in the gospel, and their immense faith and testimony in the knowledge that families are for eternity, and that THEIR family is forever and will be together for eternity even after death. No matter the trials, the losses, or changes, they know that they will be together forever. That itself is a very comforting thought! I thought about dad and when he died all those years ago, and I am extremely grateful for a heavenly Father who loves us and cares enough for us to give us the knowledge and plan for families, that we will be together even after death! I´m so glad that we had that knowledge when Dad died, otherwise, it would´ve much harder on all of us. But we know, and I know, that I will see Dad again one day. After the day of judgement, and as I enter the Celestial Kingdom, I know I will see and by with Dad, and you, my family, there in the Celestial Kingdom of God, where there is true joy and happiness. I know that in Heaven, that families are forever because heaven is described as perfect, full of peace and happiness, and where joy resides. And there cannot be true happiness and completeness without family. I know that getting into the Celestial Kingdom will be a most joyous day for me, because I know that we will all be together to stay in that day. I know this is true for all who try their very best to attain that Glorious Kingdom of Heavenly Father.

To answer your question about the suit, workers at the MTC took my measurements, and made me a suit, the coat and the pants. And the only expense was that I had to ask for it spanish (Which I did.) The people are very humble, and certainly have a love for the gospel!

I believe you have said that you have sent me letters, but it takes about 3 weeks for mail to get here, so I haven´t gotten anything yet, but I´m anxiously waiting haha I´ve been told that if you go to, you can type up a letter and send it, and they will deliver it to our mailbox that day. I apologize for the slowness of the mail here, but at least that´s a super quick way of getting it to me, if you want to write haha.

I will definitely pray for you, as I always do! Please continue telling more about things that happen, how everyone is doing, and anything you would like to add!

I´ll try to email Elder Flippo soon, but it may have to wait until California, since I do have a limited time to email.

I love you all so much! Please continue to write! Send pictures when you can! Apologize again to Buddy and Mary for me, I hardly have time to write you and Sister MacNeil. I love to read their emails though!

With all my love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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