Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 94 - The Final Countdown

Dear Mary,

This is the last week.... Bleh!! The Final Countdown! (cue the music)

Our investigator Lidia finally got baptized!! :D It was wonderful! By the smile on her face, you could see how thrilled she was to finally be baptized :)

I got to perform "When I am Baptized" on the guitar in the middle of the program, which always brings the spirit super strong. The district all gave me thumbs up and finger applauds when I finished. I have a great district :)

We also started teaching a relative of Lidia (named Laura) just the other day! After church last week, Laura talked with Hermana Mendez (Lidia's Grandma) that she wanted to start learning from the missionaries, and that she wanted to be baptized! Which the exact same thing that happened that got us to start teaching Lidia! So we are super excited for her! :)

My last talk in district meeting went pretty well! I just wrote down a bunches of notes on what I could talk about, and I let the spirit take over from there. I guess I'm becoming like Mom in that sense now haha I remember that she never wrote her talks word for word, but always had notes and materials, and then just let the spirit talk.

But in any case, it went well! I talked about various things that had changed me, what I learned, what advice I had to offer, and how it's been a great blessing to me.

On Thursday, we went over to a members house and helped them do some spring cleaning, but in winter haha It was a good time! We spent 2 or 3 hours there, and it just flew! Time flies when you're having fun! They put me in charge of organizing and cleaning out the cabinets, which was very fun for me! For some reason, I enjoy doing things like that...I'm not really sure why. But they were very grateful for the help that we gave, which is what I always love to hear! If nothing else happens in a day, I'm glad that I helped in some way to make someone else's life a little easier :)

Once a week, we've been getting together as a district to have a combined language study so that we can download the knowledge of us old fougies into the brains of the newer missionaries, and they have been pretty interesting sometimes! A couple of times we've practiced past tenses, and to do that, everybody takes a turn and creates a sentence to make and add to the story. We have very weird imaginations haha this last week's story had to deal with a princess, her bigger friend, and little boy that needed a fat transplant in order to live....yes, I know that we are very weird, but sometimes that's how stories go haha

It doesn't feel real that I'm coming home next week, either that or I've already accepted the fact that it's happening, and I'm just rolling with it. I could believe either one haha

One more week...I'll see ya soon!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

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