Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 9 - Exchanges, First Contacts, and the Restoration in Spanish

My Dearest Family,

My week has been pretty good! I actually contacted someone while we were out walking all by myself! That was a super awesome thing for me! Because honestly, I have not initiated contact with anyone on my own, for some reason I've been scared to talk to people out on the street. But I was able to overcome my fear and I feel super awesome! And the next day, I contacted someone is Spanish! :D Even better!! So I was super happy with myself! And yesterday, Elder Garcia and I were able to do the "halftime show" for an investigator's baptism (Not ours, but Elder Ellsworth and Elder Rodriguez baptism). We got to teach the restoration in Spanish, like we had planned on for the last baptism, but everyone spoke English at that one so we couldn't haha and I was able to do it without freaking out this time! So my Spanish is coming along better! But I just need to work on understanding when people speak to me in Spanish. I'm getting a little better, but I still need work haha

I'm glad that you all loved the postcard and sticker! I thought that you, Mom, especially would love the flamingoes! haha

Yes, my beat up quad is the one I want! It's because of all the markings and references I made in it, and because I know those scriptures like the back of my hand (pretty much). But if you all ever can find my mini flap quad with my name on it, that would be awesome if you could send it to me someday!

Batman - er, Elder Wockenfuss - Elder Flores, and Siberian Husky pillow

I'm glad that all is well back home and that you're all having fun! I absolutely love the pictures you send me! The picture I'm sending this week is of me and the Zone Leader I went on exchanges with. His name is Elder Flores, and he's a great missionary and a great guy! And yes that is his Siberian husky pillow! I want one haha :P

I got the refund on the ADD Meds, I'm not sure if I told you. But everything got all worked out now, so that all I have to pay when I get more is $10. Not a bad deal! Especially compared to $141 haha

I love you all very much! Please continue to write and email when you can, it always makes my day and week! 

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

P.S.  sigh...... I really gotta stop falling asleep in daily planning, but at least this time it was after the end prayer haha..... 

Amen... ZZZZZzzzzz...

 But, I got Elder Garcia back a few days later hahah his positioning was so perfect, I couldn't resist taking a picture! 


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