Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 10 - Car Inspectors, New Investigators, and German Skywalkers

My Dear Family,

I'm glad that you got to see the pic of me at Spanish Zone Conference! If you look at pics of other Zone Conferences from that same week, you might see me in 1 or 2 of them. Because Elder Garcia and I got picked to become a couple of the Car Inspectors for the mission. Car inspections happen at Zone Conferences when we have them, so at the first one, Elder Garcia and I got trained to do the Car Inspections, and they needed us at the one for the next day, because there were a lot of cars at that one haha And once we finished the Car Inspections, we joined those Zones for lunch both days, and at least one of them, we got our picture taken with other missionaries.

We picked up 2 new investigators this past week! :D Super awesome! They want to start coming to church and everything! Hoping for baptisms soon! :)

Mission life is going well! There are rough days, but there are good days as well! It's a growing experience all around! Understanding Spanish is still hard, but I'm trying the best I can to listen intently and to understand.

I got the tie for the month of April today! I love it!! It looks so cool! :D I'm actually wearing it right now! I would take a pic and send it, but I actually forgot my camera today :( But I'll show you next week! :)

We played Ultimate Frisbee for District activity today, which was super fun! I always love that game haha

I can't say much more today, but remember that I love you all! Please continue writing and emailing when you can!

With much love,

Elder Patrick Wockenfuss

PS: I found out this past week at one of the Zone Conferences actually, that "Wockenfuss" literally translated means "Cloud Foot" and I also found out later on (from a missionary that I think knows about German stuff) that it basically means something like "Skywalker"... How cool is that?? :D We're Star Wars people!! haha Random, I know, but super cool!

Elder Wockenfuss (far left) and Elder Garcia at lunch during Zone Conference where they were Car Inspectors

In line for lunch at Spanish Zone Conference! Elder Wockenfuss on left, third elder from front.


Here's a video of the missionaries at the English speaking Zone Conference singing to missionaries with April, May and June birthdays. Elders Wockenfuss and Garcia went as Car Inspectors and stayed for lunch. Thanks to Donna Shauers for the video!

Video of them singing to the April, May and June birthdays!
Posted by Donna Schauers on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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